Online Booking

This function allows you to book a 24/7 reservation, preventing any and all overlapping errors. This is an advantage for larger businesses - it lets load off a part of administrator's duties.


Our apllication allows you to agregate and collect orders 24/7, and also lets you tend to your reservation in the sales funnel.


Our statistics will help ypu keep track of your ongoing transactions for a specific period of time.

Overview is a service that allows you to lease your construction vehicles in real-time via Push-notifications in a mobile application for Android and iOS. The application grants the fastest response between the Client and the Lessor.

Easy to Navigate

The service lets you create contracts, forms and statements right in the mobile app or its Desktop version. You can navigate all necessary forms in a couple of taps.

Secure Cooperation

We have the most up-to-date Black List of Leasers who avoid payments.

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